All of these offerings are the vehicle I use to harness your attention and focus into the process of healing the self through the mind and body systems for a holistic wellness experience. With love, I am not the one who heals you. You are the one who heals you. I am the vehicle to help guide you along this journey through the power of healing practices.

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Usui Reiki is the act of healing the energy + aura field through myself as the balancing physical channel.

60 minute

Rejuvenate includes Oracle Reading + Reiki Session

60 Minute

Align includes Reiki Session with chakra crystals + sound healing.

90 Minute

Transcend includes 60 minute reiki session with chakra crystals + sound healing, as well as a 30-minute Oracle reading.

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Herbalism - or the study of plant medicine - allows me to share herbal wellness to heal through consumption.

60 minute

60 Minute Consultation + 8oz Custom Herb Blend

60 Minute

60 Minute Consultation + 8oz Custom Herb Blend + Custom Tincture

HERB Workshop
Price + Time Varies

I offer herb/tea blending + sage workshops. This includes herbal education with herbs provided based on your theme or need.

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From yoga to guided meditations, let’s create a custom package to work for you or for your event.

private yoga
60-90 Minute

Explore + deepen your yoga practice at your own pace. You have my full support. I offer private, group, and corporate yoga.

intuitive movement
60-90 Minute

I’d love to guide your community, group, company, or friends through a beautiful, intuitive movement meditation. Inquire for more info.

Guided Meditation

From weddings to group/event meditations, let’s work together to create a beautiful drop-in.


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“An ounce of practice is worth a thousand words.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi