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offerings at om in bloom wellness

All of these offerings are the vehicle I use to harness your attention and focus into the process of healing the self through the mind and body systems for a holistic wellness experience.



private or group yoga (60-90 Minutes)

Explore + deepen your yoga practice at your own pace. You have my full support. I offer private and group yoga for personal growth, bachelorette parties, and more. Sound healing + reiki services available.

corporate yoga (60-90 Minutes)

Looking to bring wellness to the office? I’ll work with you to create a custom, all-levels yoga class. Single classes or packages are available.

yoga Workshops (60-90 Minutes)

From chakra activations with herbs and sound healing to yoga empowerment and organic movement, we can create a unique yoga offering for your guests, clients, friends, or family.


Herbal Consultation (60-90 Minute)

Learn about herbal opportunities for ailments or desires to bring the body and mind into your desired state. From anxiety to digestion, energy to libido - there are plant-based elixirs, blends, and more that may be a good fit.

Herbalism Workshop (90-120 Minute)

Educate your guests on the beauty of healing through the body systems with herbs, roots, and more. Existing workshops include: Herbalism for the Chakras, Household Herbalism, Herbal Aphrodisiacs and more.


Reiki & Intuitive Oracle Reading (60-90 Minute)

The Rejuvenate Session with Om in Bloom Wellness includes a healing Reiki energy work session and intuitive oracle card reading. Perfect for the individual looking to reset, find balance and equilibrium, seek deep relaxation, clear energetic blockages, and more. This session may include essential oil aromatherapy, crystal healing, and sound healing.

Guided Meditation + WORKSHOPS

Guided meditation (60-90 Minute)

From weddings to group/event meditations, let’s work together to create a beautiful drop-in.


From written meditation & seated meditation, to movement meditation, let’s create a meditation workshop that’s right for your space and guests.


“An ounce of practice is worth a thousand words.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi