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Free People (FP Movement): Detox + Transformation

  • FP Movement Newport Beach 401 NEWPORT CENTER DRIVE SUITE A206 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 United States (map)


Dive into a 90-minute holistic wellness journey of yoga, plant medicine, reiki, and sound healing artfully crafted to detox the body and mind, preparing for a beautiful transformative experience. Through movement, meditation, and plant medicine, we can naturally detox the body & mind, preparing for a beautiful physical and mental transformation.

Through this workshop, we'll begin with a tea ceremony of carefully curated herbs to help facilitate our bodies into a naturally detoxifying state. We'll move into the medicine of movement - yoga - and work through a heat building class with a restorative wind-down, helping us to find presence in our bodies and peace in our thoughts. In savasana, our ending yoga pose, we will indulge in a transformational guided meditation with light sound healing + reiki to round out the holistic experience. Perfect for the individual on-the-go, seeking to reset and grow with the turn of the season.

Please bring an open heart and open mind. Yoga mats will be provided.