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My name is Colleen Grace. On this physical Earth - I am a womxn of color and eternal student based in Southern California. I have a deep passion for wellness and all things that fall under the category of feel goods.

Finding peace + comfort in tantric philosophy, I allow myself the exploration of spiritual practice in juxtaposition to “normal” life (I enjoy a good whiskey.)

Endless love, conscious growth, and personal exploration are what I believe to be the essentials of navigating this life, and I aim to share the tools that I have (and continue to gain) with anyone who feels called to delve deeper into the intersections of the self: mind, body and beyond.

For those who are here to learn about my wellness journey, my tangible wellness practice began at the tender age of 16, when I attending my first yoga class and fell in love with the way it allowed me to find stillness of the mind but invigoration of the heart and body. Like many, this became my gateway to holistic study. From that point, my curiosity grew and my innate desire to learn, to absorb, to practice all things wellness has only grown with time. I realized quickly, “The more I learn, the less I know,” which not only humbles me - but inspires me to explore all that I can in this lifetime, because why not?

I will warn you now that my story may not be extravagant or extraordinary, but I am content and present with it because it allows me sweet moments of bliss, hope, and beautiful aspiration towards moksha.


As I explored wellness within my own personal healing journey, I found time and time again that I wanted to share the beauty of it with others. I began Om in Bloom, and through my studies of various modalities, began to share via writings, blogs, poems, and other informative material. Being amongst healers in my family, I became exposed to Usui Reiki Healing. Attuned by my cousin, Melanie Esperon of Reiki Room San Diego, I became certified as an Usui Reiki Practitioner and a year later - an Usui Reiki Master. Working with life force energy allowed me the first extension of wellness, if you will, helping to open my mind and broaden my perspective of personal growth and self-healing.

Plant medicine came simultaneously as I studied herbalism under John Finch & Jane Richmond, of Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies & Healing. They carried with them teachings from beautifully renowned herbalists, like Rosemary Gladstar. Wanting to introduce others to plant medicine, I began Herb + Nectar Botanic Supply, along a dear friend Jenn Rose. We used tea as a familiar vehicle so that others may also learn how to heal through consumption of the abundance of herbs the Earth has to offer. From making plant medicine inspired tea blends with Herb + Nectar to creating plant medicine for my own home, there is always something to be done, herbs to be blended, and all things of the like.

I seriously geek out when I get to say, “I have an herb for that!” - finding amusement in not only the convenience, but also joy in knowing that the Mother has provided all that we need to heal. Likewise, our bodies are equipped with the tools to do so, so long as we learn how to use them, nourish them, and love them.

With the birth chart I have been blessed with, I have known myself to be extremely ambitious and always in pursuit of something to expand my knowledge and occupy my creative energy. A dream of mine that I’ve always held is this: to own a wellness studio / cafe and live in a loft above. I’m excited to say that manifestation is my strong suit, so don’t be surprised when I’m making moves.

I’m tired of talking about myself. Let’s wrap this up.

I offer service through Om in Bloom in support of my biggest mission: making wellness accessible to all beings regardless of their race, color, gender, or socio-economic status. As a womxn of color, I have experienced first-hand what it feels like to endure judgement, prejudice, and exclusion within many wellness facilities who fail to have a space that not only myself, but many others, could feel safe in.


Healing modalities in present day have become adulterated, hyper-sexualized, and commercialized in a way that no longer respects the essence of practice, but also in turn creates boundaries that exclude. My mission is to break this stigma. Wellness has no face - no type - no look.

Wellness is for everyone and anyone - and my mission as a healer is to hold a safe space for my own offerings in hope of leading by example. It takes one drop in the water to create a ripple - of change. I honor those of course who have created the lifestyle they desire out of wellness - to each their own path.

On that note, I encourage you to follow your heart, stay true to your values, and always show compassion for everyone is on a different journey.

Spreading light + embracing the dark, I express my deepest gratitude,

Colleen Grace

Founder of Om in Bloom
Co-Founder of Herb + Nectar Botanic Supply